New CSGO Team

The organization TDR-Gaming e.V acquire a new team Counter strike: Bulgarian Global Offensive formerly named YetToBeNamers who will replace the former TDR.eV team that goes to Fate Esports.

New teams consisting of Kaloyan “Popov” Popov (Team Captain), Vasil “Critias” Ivanov, Kristian “ExpR4ind” Gerov, Blagoi “oxygen” Dimitrov, Kris “PrinceNaz” G and finally Gwenole “Papychinese” Frin (Team Manager).

This team will aim to represent TDR.eV on all upcoming Bulgarian, European and international events.

Their first goal will be to conquer the Bulgarian scene by dethroning the team of the moment: Windigo Gaming. D

Do not hesitate to follow all the social networks of TDR.eV to follow the teams in its course!

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