Dear community our main CS-GO Team has undergone some roster changes in order to build overall better team chemistry and stable lineup. Team Capitan BulgariaVeselin "Doublemagic" Angelov decided to bring his ex-teammate BulgariaSuleyman "SPGOD" Pomakov and promising new talent BulgariaAleksandur "fbAdd" Atanasov replacing BulgariaMartin "Ghostlystriker" Berov and BulgariaNikoloay "Insan3" Yanev. We are gonna see them in action for first time with the new players on friday evening 24/02/2017 playing the CS:GO 5on5 NightCup Series #4 Bulgaria.

Current Roster:
BulgariaVeselin "Doublemagic" Angelov
BulgariaAleksandur "fbAdd" Atanasov
BulgariaSuleyman "SPGOD" Pomakov
BulgariaKalin "Kaluber" Erenditzov
BulgariaDenis "Volt1" Dimitrov

More news about the upcoming tournaments that BulgariaVeselin "Doublemagic" Angelov team will take part in will be announced soon!


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