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ELIMINATOR SUPERGRIP Bundesliga Torwarthandschuhe

CEVO Regular Season Intermediate started and our first rivals of 17/01 9:00PM will be Team Slavfire. You can see the match on this link: http://cevo.com/event/gfinity-csgo/match/969779/

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TDR´s CS:GO team managed to win once again the ESL PREMIUM 250€ 5on5 Cup. This is the second ESL PREMIUM 250€ 5on5 Cup that doublemagic&co conquers. Good job boys! Keep them coming!


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Streams are loading..

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TDR Gaming was founded by Tobias "Pala" Hayda & Michael "Peet" Haber in February of 2015. TDR started as a fun-community and was called " -=TDR=- The Dead Rabbits " until November 2015. Just three months after the founding of TDR, we decided to take step in the German, competetive Cs:Go scene. In December of 2016 TDR got registered as an official club (VR 4839).

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